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About Our Startup Project

bizKman is a IT solution designed by Ureus Technology specifically to contribute SMEs Laboral Productivity improvement through a Knowledge Management application framework, that allows them to intensify the use of internal and external organisational knowledge on their daily routines, facilitating the conversion to Knowledge Based Firms.

The Problem

Labor productivity in small and medium enterprises SMEs is a worldwide recognized problem due to its high socioeconomic impact, considering that SMEs are the main source of employment for the most vulnerable socioeconomic strata.

Intangible Assets Relevance

To achieve levels of competitiveness, it is essential for SMEs to understand the current knowledge economy, the relevant role of intangible assets and the different forms that it acquires within companies for a proper management.

Managing Business Knowledge

Based on Ureus Technology's experience developing software management solutions for SMEs and academic research projects, we designed agile knowledge management models applicable in working scenarios with shortage of human resources and time.

Our IT solution

Our solution consists of providing a Knowledge Management System KMS for SMEs distributed through a Software As A Service platform. Besides that, using our digital business model we estimate to provide our services worldwide.


bizKman is the result of experience and a academic research project on SMEs productivy

Through more than a decade developing management systems for SMEs and a academic exploratory research project applying a mixed quantitative-qualitative method research paradigm, our strategy established the creation of a KMS that sustains our knowledge creation and measurement models based on the next theoretical framework.

Knowledge Based Firm Theory

Refers as Knowledge Based Firms KBF to those companies that apply knowledge in an intensive way for the generation of their products or services. However, the characteristics of knowledge-based companies go beyond their results and include objectives and processes.

Process Oriented Management

bizKman visualizes SMEs through this paradigm of business management, that conceives a company as a set of processes correlated with each other, in order to achieve pre-established objectives as part of a strategic planning.

Business Apps Development

In order to achieve our project objectives and successfully implement a KMS in SMEs, the theoretical framework considered the gathering of quality characteristics and attributes under ISO 9126 standards to develop efficient business applications.

Knowledge Expert Systems

Our management proposal considers the use of expert systems to measure of intellectual capital existing in organizational capital and other forms of explicit knowledge available in SMEs.

Computational Linguistics

So as to apply our knowledge measurement model, the use of computational linguistics techniques are proposed to analyze and measure knowledge through ontological structures existing in business explict knowledge.

Knowledge Entropy

In the field of knowledge measurement, the research project proposes a qualitative evaluation model based on Information Theory, but which applies statistical analysis on ontological structures.

Academic content and news related to our project


The next content comprehends part of the result of our academic research as well as interesting material related to our project's advance.


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Academic Whitepaper

HECTOR ROJAS, VERONICA ROA. Title: Productivity of Chilean Micro and SMEs in the knowledge economy. People and Technology Management Magazine ISSN 0718-5693 No. 32, pp.68-85 2018. Available in spanish

Academic Whitepaper

HECTOR ROJAS, VERONICA ROA. Title: The role of knowledge-based firms (KBF) and technology-based firms (TBF) for innovation. People and Technology Management Magazine ISSN 0718-5693 No. 27, pp.65-80 2016. Available in spanish

Research Document

HECTOR ROJAS. Title: Knowledge Management in Japanese SMEs. Results of documental research on Japanese SMEs productivity problem in 2018. Available in english.

Conference Paper

HECTOR ROJAS, VERONICA ROA. Title: Knowledge Self-management Model for productivity of SMEs in knowledge era. Congress paper XXXI ALAS, Uruguay 2017. Available in spanish.

Academic Whitepaper

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Conference paper¡

HECTOR ROJAS, VERONICA ROA. Title: Systematized Measurement of Organizational Capital in knowledge-based firms. Congress paper XXXI ALAS, Uruguay 2017.

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